The Plantemus program begins initially with a commitment to follow it for 10 days. You can participate from anywhere in the world because the program is offered virtually, online, through video conferences. The 10-day program is free. During these 10 days that the online program lasts, you will have 3 sessions that you can access live, or in case of not being able to, on a pre-recorded basis. At the end of the program in 10 days, following our advice to the letter, you will be able to see/feel shocking results.

You can pass this page on to other people you know to join this support group. We also accept members of the medical profession from any branch. Everyone is welcome.

To see the results of this 10-day program, it would be convenient that before starting, obtain your weight in kilograms or pounds and basic labs (lipids, blood glucose and liver enzymes) of the last 60 days and then compare them at the end of the program.

The next 10-Day Program will be announced in the near future on this page. If you are interested in participating in this free program, please send an email to with "10 Day Program" in the subject line and we will email you as soon as we have the dates set up. Thank you.