The (Still) Best Kept Secret in the Plant-Based World.
Gustavo's 7-Day Detox, ReSet & Reboot Program

Online, in Real Time or with Replays!

Encouragement, Fellowship & Accountability with others while learning some easy, tasty dishes.

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Are you new or a pro at Whole-Food, Plant-Based Nutrition? Have you fallen off the wagon and need help to get back on and stay on? Do you need a simple, sustainable system to succeed?

Detox & ReSET 7-Day Workshop

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Simple is best. I show you how it is done, one step at a time.
Sometimes we just need to go back to the basics and enjoy a relaxed but powerful simple approach.

A live (or recorded) mini-retreat that meets three times per day, for an entire week (21 sessions) will help you to stay on track and to have all your questions answered. The community support that we have created is one of the best groups out there and you will have a chance to be a part of it.

1. Learn to make easy meals with only 3 or 4 ingredients that are easy to find and inexpensive (no complicated recipes).

2. Log in (or watch replays) 3 times per day to see exactly how I make the meal ideas and how to combine spices for ultimate taste.

3. Receive daily support from me (Gustavo Tolosa) and other participants who have wonderful ideas that have worked for them through the years. All of us supporting each other and encouraging each other in interactive Zoom sessions.

All sessions are recorded and you will have unlimited access to them. PDFs with grocery list and meal ideas that I have compiled throughout 9 years, are yours to keep. The program is designed to help you detoxify, reboot and reset your system to continue losing weight and improving your health.

Besides enjoying simple, inexpensive and incredibly delicious meals, we will try a clever strategy of an all-fruit, all-vegetable day as well as an optional “fasting day”. Of course, all meals are whole-food, plant-based, no salt, sugar, flour, oil and preferably no caffeine and no alcohol for 7 days. There is some flexibility built into the program.


Monday, November 6th through Sunday, November 12th, with an Orientation Session on Wednesday, November 1st and a wrap-up session on Monday, November 13th. The three daily sessions are at 9:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central Time. All sessions are recorded and replays are sent out to all participants.

Next program dates will be announced soon!


Similar programs range in the thousands of dollars but to make it affordable for everyone, the current suggested fee is $147 for the whole week, and it includes unlimited access to all replays and PDFs. You can also choose a lower fee if you are in financial hardship. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to REGISTER NOW.

There are two other optional amounts if at this time, you cannot afford the regular price. If none of the price levels work for you, please contact Dr. Tolosa at for more information. You may use either of the payment buttons below. One is for PayPal (and credit/debit cards) and the other is for regular credit cards


An Orientation Session will be held on Monday, November 7th AND a Wrap-Up Session will be held on Thursday, November 17th. During the wrap-up session, we will have a special guest, probably a medical doctor, who will answer questions.

Similar programs range in the thousands of dollars but to make it affordable for everyone, the current price is $95 for the whole week and it includes unlimited access to all replays and PDFs. There are two other option amounts if at this time, you cannot afford the regular price. If none of the price levels work for you, please contact Gustavo at for more information. You may use either of the payment buttons below.

If you need accountability, support, and a feeling of empowerment, Gustavo’s laid back style is for you.

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What participants are saying about the program… “I had a great day today! I followed the program all except not enough water. It was so wonderful! When I go to work, they have lots of sweets and salty snacks. Today for the first time in weeks I had None. I have been eating out at fast food restaurants every day for a while lately. I bypassed all fast-food restaurants today. I am so excited I went grocery shopping this evening for vegetables for tomorrow! Thank you so much!”
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“I am really enjoying your detox/reboot program. I'm a long-time plant-based eater, and have attended many other programs and retreats. This reset helps me get back to my principles! You do this extremely well - your concern and desire to share your knowledge for the good of others comes across loud and clear! I appreciate the time and effort you put into this.”
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“I have lost 5 lbs effortlessly. I think knowing I can eat as much as I want of the whole plant-based foods has taken the "pressure" off of eating all together. If I'm not hungry, I don't eat - and I don't have any guilt about that! I've been more mindful of my eating - I'll look at the food and ask myself "do you really need this now?" and "do I need ALL of this at this moment?" - being more in tune with my hunger - and I feel much more in control! Thank you for helping us all with this!”
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“This reset has been great for me, I was playing near the boundary lines which is what I’ve always done. I take the rules right up to the lines and play right on them. That’s me. Better to be far inside where it’s safe, no exceptions like you teach. Ps. We loved the potato dish.”
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“Thank you so much for offering this program and your interaction and dedication. I love the simplicity of the program and your gentle and considered manner. I have been doing very well. I realize that one thing that helps me is to have daily contact with others. Thanks so much!”
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“I have lost 5.75 lbs. since starting this Detox & ReSet. That’s great since one of those days I was not compliant with eating out and having items with oil and vegetable fat. Thanks so much for your Grandma’s Valencian Rice recipe! Sounds so wonderful. Looking forward to making it. I would love the Split Pea recipe as that is my hubby’s favorite. He did the Detox with me and lost 8.75! Men lose so much faster!”
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“Thank You So Much for everything (your generosity, knowledge, time, energy, kindness, caring way’s, your humble heart, your selflessness), sharing your recipes and cooking skills, sharing your family, taking us on your travels, sharing your talents, taking us on this journey with you and most of all thank you for sharing ‘you and what you’re all about!’ I had a blast. I looked forward to our time together every day. You helped me break through some barriers that we’re keeping me stuck…I was concerned (afraid of) so much starch/carb. But now they are my friends/satiator (made up that word lol). I appreciate you.” With a grateful heart,
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“Thank you Gustavo for everything you are doing for us. For the first time since I started WFPB SOS free in 2020, I believe I am learning, from you, the tools to stay compliant consistently and finally lose the 40-50# I need to lose to get into a healthy BMI range and have more energy.”
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“After the second detox I have a total of 22 pounds off. From 246 to 236 to 224. I am very proud and happy! THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME; I have learned a lot and feel I can do this program.”


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Cooking with Gustavo #6

Potato (or sweet potato)-Stuffed Cabbage Cups for a Perfect Meal or Snack On The Go.
August 21